A holding and investment company
for ventures with a strong online focus.

About Vizero

Incepted in 2004, Vizero originally was created as the company behind one of the first online microstock market places. Leveraging that experience Vizero has become a business incubator for ventures with a strong online focus.

Vizero is pro-active in all ventures it becomes involved in. This entails both financial investment as well as operational execution and directorship.

In the UK Vizero is a registered Limited (Ltd) company (#05042764).

In South Africa Vizero is a registered Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd) company (#2011/100393/07).

Current Portfolio

  • social media marketing



    Providing companies access to social media brand ambassadors.

  • Old Tom Gin from South Africa

    Kintsugi Gin


    The award-winning first Old Tom style gin made in South Africa.

  • group surveys online

    Mind Hive


    An online surveying and polling system for the South African market.

  • online pet food shopping for South Africa

    Pet Lovers' Market


    Soon to be launched online pet food shopping targetting the South African market

  • photoblogging social network



    One of the first photoblogging social networks

  • promotional models and event staff

    Spotlight Agency


    Promotional models and event staffing agency focussed on South Africa and internationally.

  • high-end project development for clients

    the rockstars


    Vehicle to develop high-end client projects

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